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Carseldine Urban Village

During 2017-2018, we coordinated ecological and bushfire hazard assessment for the Carseldine Urban Village, Brisbane. EDQ has recently received development approval for the project, and has commenced civil works for Stage S and 1. These first stages flag the commencement of an important transit-oriented development project. 28 South has played a key role in obtaining approvals for the overall Masterplan and subsequent development stages under the Fitzgibbon Development Scheme. We have been heavily involved in design of the development layout, particularly in regard to protection of important habitat; prepared flora and fauna management, and rehabilitation management plans; and advised on the provision of fauna movement infrastructure. We’re providing ongoing support for EDQ during the project’s construction phase. 

Cadmium Holdings v Gold Coast City Council – Planning and Environment Court Appeal 1483 of 2018 

We were engaged by the Appellant to provide expert evidence on terrestrial ecology matters in this appeal. The proposal (a unit development) sat generally within the footprint of an approved residential project, but sought to significantly increase development yield within this footprint. We were required to determine if the proposed development would cause any greater impact on the Site’s ecological values than the approved development. Significant comparative analysis of the two projects was required, and coordination with other experts was needed to mitigate and resolve potential new impacts. Our detailed work allowed rebuttal of opposing arguments and ecology was dropped as a reason for refusal before commencement of the hearing. The appeal was upheld, and the project is now progressing to detailed design. 

Petrie Mill Redevelopment Project

Following our successful involvement with Moreton Bay Regional Council in obtaining approval under the EPBC Act for the Petrie Mill Redevelopment Project, Petrie, we have recently been assisting Council in demonstrating compliance with approval conditions in light of ongoing decontamination activities on site.  Regular monitoring demonstrates that the site continues to maintain a growing and healthy koala population.  The project is on track to deliver a University of the Sunshine Coast campus, complemented by an innovation hub, transit-oriented mixed-use development, recreational precinct and significant conservation areas for the benefit of resident koalas and other fauna.


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