Our People

Wayne Moffitt

Director & Principal Consultant

28 South Environmental was established by Wayne Moffitt, who remains a Director and the Principal Consultant.

With twenty-four of experience as an environmental manager and ecologist in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Wayne has an in-depth understanding of the unique qualities of these regions, their complex land management issues and the regulatory framework that affords them protection.

Wayne has held ecology team lead roles in national and international urban design, engineering and environmental management firms, and has coordinated environmental planning approvals and management plans for a wide range of urban development, public infrastructure and resource development projects. He is very familiar with approval processes, and with facilitating development outcomes in sensitive environmental settings.

Wayne has been called on to advise on matters being argued in a legal forum and has appeared as an Expert Witness in Queensland and New South Wales jurisdictions. He is experienced with the rigors of this process, including the applicable rules of court.

Mitchell Taylor

Director & Senior Environmental Consultant

Mitchell is an environmental manager and ecologist with 14 years of experience in coordinating ecological impact assessment studies, strategising development approvals, and implementing fauna, vegetation, offset and rehabilitation management strategies.

Mitchell has coordinated teams undertaking ecological assessments for mining, CSG-LNG, urban development and infrastructure, and State and Local government development projects in Queensland and NSW. He is a pragmatic and experienced practitioner, who has guided approvals on many complex projects.

Through his project experiences, Mitchell understands the practical application of ecology and the need to identify and liaise directly with clients to achieve a sound scientific outcome whilst incorporating the ultimate project goals.

Chris Cantwell

Principal Environmental Planner

Chris is a qualified Environmental Planner, Environmental Scientist and Certified Environmental Practitioner with 13 years of broad experience managing multidisciplinary impact assessments for large-scale infrastructure projects and a particular knowledge of Queensland environmental planning approvals processes. Chris has particular interest and expertise in renewable energies, having also worked as a project developer for a global leader in this industry. This experience gives Chris a unique perspective when it comes to understanding a client’s needs and objectives. He has considerable experience in the provision of strategic environmental approvals advice and in coordinating and managing projects characterised by complex environmental issues. In challenging circumstances, Chris has developed a reputation for being able to identify and deliver project outcomes that are acceptable to all stakeholders.

Rebecca Freese

Ecologist & Environmental Consultant

Rebecca has 6 years of experience as an environmental planning consultant and habitat restoration specialist in Queensland. Rebecca has been a key team member on a diverse range of projects, including: urban development for private, public and government clients, ecotourism, as well as strategic planning and masterplanning.

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